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Best Express Car Wash in Ancaster

A quick and simple way to bring back the condition of your vehicle.

If you are looking for a service in Ancaster that delivers stunning results on your vehicle, then we are most likely the fit for you.

Taking the washing process further to provide a higher quality level of service and result.


We’ll wash the vehicle to remove everyday dirt and grime and give it a proper wash to reduce the surface scratching.


Unlike our wash and wax, this package is more of a maintenance wash to keep the looks of the vehicle in a good condition.

Our Process:

Clean wheels, tires and gas cap

  1. High quality snow foam

  2. Thoroughly Wash Vehicle- Two Bucket Method

  3. Dry with a microfiber towel to reduce the amount of scratching

  4. Apply a wax for protection

  5. Clean exterior glass and windows

  6. Dress tires for a shine.

The end results:

Leaving your vehicle looking shiny and glossy with a layer of protection.


If you would like greater results, you can add it with an Engine Cleaning or a Full Interior Cleaning.

Check Out Our Work. Click Here To See More.

Simple, But Thorough Wash Of Your Vehicle To Bring It Back To The Best Condition

Simple Pricing 1

Depending on size and condition

2 Door/ GTI


Mustang/ Sedan


Truck/ SUV



FAQs of Express Wash

Do you come to me?

Yes, we offer mobile service which is convenient to our customers. We arrive at your location wether it be your office, job or home. If this option is not possible we can also do free pick-up and drop off from your location.

Can I pair this up with any service?

Yes, you can pair this up with any service that we offer just keep in mind that depending on the condition of vehicle will set the price. This service will be great if paired up with an Express Wash or  Premium Ceramic wax

Can I switch to a stronger protection for my car?

Yes, if you would like other protections than a wax, we do have sealants and ceramic coatings. First with the ceramic coating will have to go through a paint correction.

Does it protection from UV rays?

Yes, we do have products that will applied to your leather, dash, cupholders etc. to help protect against the UV rays that are coming in from the sun.

How long does this service take?

It really comes to how the condition of the vehicle is because they can vary from 1 to 2 hours.

Do you need access to water or power?

Yes the only thing we will require is an electric outlet and a place to hook up the water hose.

Brad Davis           (Google Review)   

Richard was extremely thorough in his work. I was so impressed by the final result that I would highly recommend his services. He clearly takes a lot of pride in his work and I look forward to working with him again!!

Real Results. Real Reviews.

Zachary Hanes.    (Google Review)

Fantastic car detailing business. My car has never looked cleaner, and I definitely didn't do any touch ups before passing my car off. Genuinely looks better than the day I bought it. As cheesy as it may sound, friends/family would even comment on how clean my car looked after being detailed. Richard is fantastic and a great and very personable guy. I would highly recommend Automaze for anyone looking for any car detailing work, small or complex.

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