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The love and passion with cars mixed with great attention to details gave way for now became a business. An Industrial Design background and also worked on a car assembly line I do know every aspect and detail of a car which gives me a better idea on how to approach the detail to achieve that fresh from factory desired look. 

At AUTOMAZE my mission is simple; to provide highest-quality service in a timely manner. With the client's convenience  in mind I am giving two options to choose from whether a mobile service at client's location or a pick up and drop off free service.

I am not just your average detailer I do make sure that I communicate very well every step of the process from beginning to the end and also setting the expectations pertaining to the detail.


We use the finest quality detailing techniques and equipment to get the job done. I use only the highest-quality products specifically designed for automotive finishes. We take our time, we do the job right and also over deliver which will translate too happy satisfied clients every single time. 


AUTOMAZE is committed to gain new clients trust in order for them to be  repeat costumer for life. As an added bonus we offer maintenance programs to all who wants their vehicle to be serviced in a regular basis. We would like to remove that one chore out for your routine which is to have your car taken care off inside and out.


So don't wait, contact us for your an appointment, it's all in the details. You trust us with more and you only want the best. At AUTOMAZE we understand.

Amazing Results Every Time All The Time With Your Car Detail.

The best part of detailing is the customers reaction when they see their vehicle and are greatly amazed at the work that we are able to do. No matter the condition of the vehicle, Automaze Mobile Auto Detailing will try to their best of their cleaning abilities to bring back your vehicle wether that is interior or exterior.


Whether the jobs is small or big, our mission is to deliver the hassle-free experience and at the same time amazing cleaning.

Below you will find our popular services:

Full Interior Car Detail

The deep interior cleaning to get the condition back to the best as possible. That includes seats, door panels, cup holder, etc.

Wash and Wax for Exterior Detail

With this Canadian weather, you would want the best for your vehicle. This service will bring more shine and protection.

Paint Ceramic Coating

A great protection long lasting for you car paint . This service will bring more Slick shine, Easy to clean afterwards and the gloss is really Phenomenal.

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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