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A costumers satisfaction is reflected on the positive reviews about our services. Let's read some of the reviews on what they say about Automaze Mobile Auto Detailing.


Zach Wertman   (Google Review)

Automaze Is the only detailer I trust, they always do an amazing job and take great pride in their work, I recently had my 2021 X5, 2020 Ram 1500, 2019 Range Rover sport cleaned with him and the results were amazing I will continue to return for many years to come.

Annah Nolet.    (Google Review)

We thoroughly enjoyed having our headlights polished. This is so helpful at night time and our headlights are brighter helping us to drive safer and more comfortable. Thank you so much for this service.


Arub Saqib.   (Google Review)

My car is spotless. I have 3 kids and did not want to wait in the blistering summer heat while my car got cleaned. Richard came to my home the next day when I told him I had an emergency spill that might seep into my seats. He took out the smell. He worked well overtime to make sure he got all the stains and he made my 2009 model look like it came from a show room! I am so impressed with Richard's professionalism and work ethic. I highly recommend this business. Will be using again!


Zachary Hanes.    (Google Review)

Fantastic car detailing business. My car has never looked cleaner, and I definitely didn't do any touch ups before passing my car off. Genuinely looks better than the day I bought it. As cheesy as it may sound, friends/family would even comment on how clean my car looked after being detailed. Richard is fantastic and a great and very personable guy. I would highly recommend Automaze for anyone looking for any car detailing work, small or complex.

Kyle Dillane.      (Google Review)

Richard is extremely personable and flexible. He coordinates with you to pick up and also drop off your vehicle if it is feasible to do so. Richard detailed my extremely dirty construction truck covered in dirt/dust/sand. Once it was completed, you could barely tell it was utilized as a construction truck, let alone realize it was driven by somebody who smoked.
I will be sending all of my field trucks to Richard on a go-forward basis. His flexibility, price point, quality and customer service cannot be beat.

Thanks Richard!


Stefan R       (Google Review)

Fantastic experience. Had my escape and wife’s fusion cleaned outside and inside here. Excellent service great communication and the cherry on the pie pictures of the car afterwards. In case you want to sell the car no need for me to do this anymore. Thank you!


A. Jay.           (Google Review)   

Richard was a delight to deal with. He was polite very knowledgeable professional. I lost my dear dog recently and had difficulty with her remaining scent and fur still in the vehicle we drove everywhere together including her last day on this earth . Richard assured me he could help and that he did. He didn’t stop and tiredly removed all those reminders till completely gone and then some even stains in my trunk I had no idea what they were .My interior looked brand new I was very surprised and appreciated his determination. I would definitely recommend this company as up to the task. I wish you well Richard in all endeavor's will be a success


M D.                 (Google Review)    

Richard was very professional from the first time we spoke on the phone. He took all the time needed to explain the process and was transparent about time frame/costs/etc. My wife and I could not believe the finished product! Our 2016 Honda CRV had not been cleaned in ages and had years worth of accumulated mess made from our children. We are totally satisfied with Richard's work and professionalism, and would not hesitate to use him again!

Alex Giannuzzi.             (Google Review)

Brought my 2018 Nissan Rogue to Richard at Automaze with very high expectations and he did not disappoint. My vehicle was in bad need of an interior cleaning well beyond what I was capable of doing myself. Richard did an amazing job bringing our vehicle back to brand new condition. The attention to detail is incredible and he is truly a perfectionist when it comes to detailing. If you find yourself in need of an automotive detailing professional and Automaze is available, do not hesitate to book your vehicle in. You will not be disappointed. Alex G.

Julie K.    (Google review)

This is the best mobile car wash that i have gotten. my car is so clean and smells amazing. Thank you my car looks like the first day i bought it! great job.

Ken “mrmusic4ads” V     (Google review)

Great service, detailed, amazing job on my headlights. They look like new. Highly recommended. Even removed water stains on the doors of my car.     


Cesar Dela Paz.    (Google review)

 My wife and I were so happy of the service made on our filthy van .we were so amazed of how it turned out after, highly recommend to everyone , very professional and very punctual . Thank you so much kuya Richard Zafra automazed is the right place to go for your car detailing experience

Luz Pontilan.          (Google review)

My van looks genuinely stunning and sparkly clean ❤️thank you for the best service .God bless!



Olivia Shin.           (Google Review)  

Richard did an absolutely amazing job on our 2010 Nissan. When he was done it looked like a new car! He was able to get years worth of salt stains out of our carpets and deep cleaned the back which our toddle had wreaked havoc on. He’s service wen’t above and beyond what I expected. I highly recommend his services

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